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A funeral director can guide you through the decisions you will have to make about the funeral and other issues related to the death. The usual services a funeral director offers are:

  • Transport of the deceased
  • Registering the death with Internal Affairs
  • Meeting the legal and physical requirements for burial or cremation (including bookings for a cemetery or crematorium, and filing the necessary forms for cremation)
  • Washing, Dressing and Preparing the deceased prior to Burial or Cremation. This may include embalming where required. 
  • Assistance with the placement of death notices and/or funeral notices in the paper
  • The funeral service
  • Recommending and arranging the minister or celebrant and the organist (if required)
  • Preparing Presentations and Music when required
  • Flowers
  • Catering facilities for after the funeral
  • Applications to government agencies for funeral grants

You can choose what you want to do yourself and what you want the funeral director to do. See our extensive range of funeral options and Service add-ons to customise a funeral option that suits your needs while working within your budget. Remembering that Dignity, Care and Respect cost nothing.

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