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We always offer this option to families. Whether it's just for a few hours or a few days, we believe that having your loved one at home helps many families begin the healing process.

Anyone is able to officiate at a funeral. Just Funerals can recommend a number of professional celebrants. Or you may prefer to have a friend or family member conduct the service. For a Simple Cremation, if the family requests a prayer, reading or a poem before the cremation, Just Funerals will carry out these wishes.

One of the major costs of any funeral is the casket. At Just Funerals we offer the option of a simple cremation casket; lined on the inside and finished on the outside in the style of a traditional casket, your loved one is placed in a tastefully finished casket. The outer casket is removed prior to cremation. All Just Funeral funeral options include a name plate, cross or other symbol, and a "Rest in Peace" or "At Rest" sign for each casket on request.

Please see the following link for a full range of Coffins avaiable from The Coffin Shop 

In choosing between burial or cremation, the deceased's wishes are usually followed. If their wishes are not known, the family make this choice. Still favoured by many, burial allows the family a place to go where they can remember the person who has died. For a burial to take place, a burial plot will need to be purchased, an internment fee is paid for the maintenance of the grave site, and a memorial or headstone is purchased. Cremation offers more flexibility in terms of choosing your loved one's final resting place. Ashes can be buried in a memorial garden or scattered at sea.

This will depend on the crematorium facilities, but at many facilities it is possible. Please discuss your wishes with our Funeral Director.

That largely depends on the family's wishes; you may wish to scatter them in a special place, place them in a Wall of Remembrance or a Memory Garden. Just Funerals provide a selection of tasteful Ashes Urns.

There is no catch. Working with facilities such as public chapels and crematoriums, we meet with the celebrant and the family to ensure that your wishes are always taken into consideration. Our range of funeral options are designed to suit your budget and preferences, with cost-saving options where possible. There are no hidden costs in our funeral packages. As each funeral is different we encourage family members to provide as much input as they would like.