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Funeral service add-ons

Arranging a funeral can be a daunting task. Coupled with the loss of a loved one, the pressure of handling the funeral arrangements can become unbearable. Funeral costs and prices can quickly escalate, at a vulnerable time these descisions should not be rushed. At Just Funerals we've kept things as simple as possible with a Funeral Option to suit your budget and preference. We also understand that some families prefer to handle all funeral arrangements themselves. Just Funerals are able to assist with whatever funeral services you require.

If you'd like to add-on any other services to a funeral package, or simply have us guide you through the planning and regulation processes that need to be completed, please talk to our Funeral Directors. 

Funeral Service Add-on Services

  • 20 colour A4 simple service cards including setup fee $80 (each additional card will cost $3)
  • Graphic Design Service for your personalised service cards $80 per hour - minmum charge of 2 hours + Printing Costs (allow 2 working days turnaround time)
  • A video presentation with up to 3 songs with your selection of photos $80
  • Catering starts from $11.50 per person
  • Registration of death in person $80
  • Repatriation overseas [please call to enquire]
  • We provide services outside the Auckland Area [please call to enquire]
  • Embalming from $900
  • Transportation for home viewings $250
  • Death Certificate $33
  • Caskets And Casket UpgradesCasket Upgrade on Any Funeral Plan From Just FuneralsCasket Purchase Only
  • Transfers within Auckland Metro after initial transfer start at $250

Casket Upgrades on any Funeral Option

  • Grosvenor $500
  • Grosvenor Oversize $650
  • Richmond $750
  • Richmond Painted $1295
  • Status $950
  • Status Painted $1495


  • Grecian Solid Wood $400
  • Recycled Timer $320
  • Heritage Wood Veneer $240
  • Raised Lid Wood Veneer $260
  • Raised Lid Painted $260

Funeral Arrangement Assistance

  • Paperwork and Certificates required for Cremations
  • Choices of Funeral Service
  • Contact with a Celebrant
  • Liaising with Celebrant / Minister for Service
  • Transportation
  • Flowers
  • Catering

Cost: $800

Please note that this Just Funerals' fee for assistance in arranging the above, but this excludes any disbursements involved. Immediate payment is required on all add-on Funeral Services purchased separately.  



Payment by Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Viewing can be arranged immediately before the service or we have options for viewing before the funeral (or the day of the funeral), contact us to discuss. All childrens funerals are provided at cost price. Prices based on non-autopsy and an average sized person as are caskets. Certain services such as Web-casting, DVD recording etc. are dependent on provider availability.