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Depending on how or where they died, there are a few processes that will need to be followed. If you are unsure at any time, please contact our Funeral Director and we'll do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

A Funeral Director will guide you through the various decisions that need to be made about the funeral and any other issues related to the death. It's important that you feel comfortable with and trust the Funeral Director that you choose. Just Funerals are professional, reliable and dependable and qualified.

Our Funeral Director will need the following details about the deceased: full name, address, occupation, place of birth, marriage details, ages of living children and details about the deceased's parents.

This information is passed onto the Registrar General when the death is officially registered. We will also consult with you regarding your preferences for the funeral; venue, type of service, burial or cremation, casket and a number of other questions, ensuring we provide the service most fitting your requirements.


In the case of a sudden or unexpected death, an accidental death or if a doctor is unavailable, a coroner will be called in to establish cause of death. Usually a post mortem or autopsy will take place where the deceased's body is examined by a pathologist. If the coroner decides to hold an inquest, this usually takes place several months after the funeral and funeral arrangements will proceed as normal.

Yes, we have a number of chapels that we use in Manukau, Mangere, Glen Eden, Albany and Remuera. We arrange funerals in churches, clubs and private homes, and can arrange full sea burials.

Provided there are no legal impediments, the funeral usually takes place within two to four days following death. It may be necessary to wait a little longer if family overseas need to travel to New Zealand.

At Just Funerals we provide a range of funeral packages to suit your preference and budget. Depending on your choice of casket, flowers, death notice, cremation or burial, the costs will vary. Please discuss your individual requirements with our Funeral Director, and we will provide a service to meet your needs. Cremation Services are from $2125 and Burial Servies are from $2250, these are starting prices.

Once cause of death is established, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is able to pay compensation to the dependents of an accident victim.

When a death occurs, the deceased's bank accounts are frozen. If there are sufficient funds in the bank account, we may be possible to request payment from the bank for the cost of the funeral. The final account is sent to the person making the arrangements with the Funeral Director.

You may be eligible for a WINZ Funeral Grant. Please apply directly with WINZ. You'll find more information on a WINZ Funeral Grant here.

We understand that often there is not enough time to plan a funeral, especially in the case of a sudden death. Please call our Funeral Director as soon as you are able, so that we can assist you with all of the arrangements. In most cases we are able to provide a funeral service with as little as 12 - 24 hours notice.

Just Funerals haas viewing facilites at 14 Bassant Ave, Penrose, Auckland.  Please call and discuss a time for viewing - ahead of time.  We are able to keep our Funeral Prices affordable by using our facilities for viewings for families.