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Just Funerals are Offering Sea Burial Services


Due to queries and wishes, Just Funerals have now started offering Affordable Options for Sea Burial services.

Ash Burials At Sea or Scattering Ashes at Sea

Ash Sea Burials are where Ashes that are in a container, are placed in the sea and the container will break down relatively quickly once submersed in the sea. 

Scattering Ashes at Sea is as described, this is where a vessel is used to take family and or friends out on the water, with or without ceremony (usually some sort of ceremony is held) and the Ashes are scattered by family and or friends in the sea.  The with Ashes Scattering locations can vary and there may very well be a spot in the harbour that has significance to the deceased or the family.

Full Body Sea Burials

Traditional Full Body burials are where the deceased is wrapped in sail cloth and this is weighed down and submersed into the sea. 

In New Zealand there are only 5 specific places where Sea Burials can take place and there are particular permits are required before this goes ahead.  Very few Funeral Directors have direct experience in the revised rules (Since the EPA has taken over jurisdiction a few years ago) and even fewer have completed successful sea burials. 

If you are wanting a traditional full body sea burial, please do contact us first to obtain and qualified, experienced advice.  We are able to offer this service in 3 areas, Northland, Auckland and Christchurch. 

We have a Sea Burial Option  

Traditional Funeral with Sea Burial - Full Body Burial

Cost $14,995

  • Transfer of the deceased into our care
  • Preparation and Dressing
  • Casket for Funeral Service
  • Casket for Service & Sail Cloth Shroud for Sea Burial
  • Casket Spray for Service & Wreath for Sea Burial
  • Paperwork & Application with EPA New Zealand
  • Transport to Funeral Service
  • Celebrant
  • 50 Service Sheets
  • 1 Hours Service at a choice of Chapels
  • Arranging for the Burial
  • Transportation to Burial, Charter Boat (Helicopter Is a little extra)
  • All Transportation and Burial Fees
  • Registering the death with the Department of Internal Affairs
  • Obtaining the Death Certificate

*Viewing is available
* Deposit Required (call to discuss)