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Just Funerals are Now Offering Sea Burial Services


Due to queries and wishes, Just Funerals have now started offering an Affordable Option for Sea Burial services.


We have 1 Funeral Option to choose from


Traditional Funeral with Sea Burial

Cost $12,995

  • Transfer of the deceased into our care
  • Preparation and Dressing
  • Casket for Funeral Service
  • Casket for Sea Burial
  • Casket Spray & Wreath for Sea Burial
  • Paperwork & Application with Maritime New Zealand
  • Transport to Funeral Service
  • Memorial Book
  • Celebrant
  • 30 Service Sheets
  • Music of Your Choice
  • 45 minute Service
  • Arranging for the Burial
  • Transportation to Burial, Either Helecopter or Charter Boat
  • All Transportation and Burial Fees
  • Registering the death with the Department of Internal Affairs
  • Obtaining the Death Certificate

*Viewing is available
* Deposit Required (call to discuss)